Course objective:

To equip the practitioner with the basic skills to appropriately support a child with vision impairment in their class.

The course covers:

  • This one day course provides a basic understanding of the implications of vision impairment on learning and development and how to enable the child’s access
  • The educational implications for a child/young person with vision impairment
  • Impact of vision impairment on development and learning
  • Barriers to accessing the curriculum

Enabling access to the curriculum and environment:

  • Practical approaches, methods and strategies to: enable curriculum access, reading print; accessing images, writing and editing of work; interactive board; general classroom environment
  • Practical strategies to support the child’s independence and social inclusion across the wider school setting

Practitioners will leave with a comprehensive resource pack both in hardcopy and on CD

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‘It has given me so much confidence that I can do this job! Thank you Gwyn’

‘Very practical and to the point’

‘Excellent course provision – information given will be used tomorrow! Life saver. It has been a really enjoyable day’
New teachers of VI, Yorkshire


The techniques used by Positive Eye are so clear and engaging – the parents got great benefits from the session, which provided a real boost in helping them support their child’s education. I have never seen children so engaged about learning

Testimonial: Working with Moorvision Charity, Laura Hughes – Founder, Moorvision